Finding Hope in the DarknessAlone in the Darkness, In Search of Hope, is exactly where I found myself three years ago, on the morning of October 2, 2015, when I woke up to find that my husband had died during the night.

Don’t misinterpret the intent of my statement.  It is not as though his death was unexpected, for my husband had been diagnosed with a terminal illness earlier that year, which proved to be fatal.  It is just that no matter how much time we are given to deal with the acceptance of the death of our loved one, it is never enough!

How we deal with grief is a personal matter, but if you are a survivor, you understand the anguish the death of a loved one creates.

It was not my initial intention to become a writer, to bare my soul and describe the journey I have taken through life . . . which brought me to the precipitous cliff I could not avoid when my husband’s death spiraled me into a depth of despair.  Although my husband’s illness was difficult enough to endure, his death caused me to enter a state of mind so unfamiliar to my normal tranquility (that human love so graciously bestows upon us) that I questioned my mental capacity as well as my ability to survive.

So why did I spend the last three years of my life writing my memoir?  The answer might surprise you.

An unexpected supernatural intervention took place within a few days of my husband’s passing that encouraged me to write a book.  I was regularly wakened from my restless sleep by a spiritual voice that repeated the words, Alone in the Darkness.  This phenomena continued until I understood that I was being urged to write a book.  Soon after accepting this challenge, during the night I began to receive inspirational thoughts which encouraged me to describe my journey of love, sorrow and grief.

I admit that I am not qualified to provide professional assistance to help others deal with their loss, but I aspire to offer comfort through my reflection about my progression through the joys and heartaches I have faced.   It is my hope to help others realize, as they travel through their individual journey of grief, that the heart can heal.  Although my life will never be the same, in time I discovered comfort in unusual places.

Although the emphasis of the message of my book is centered upon the difficulties I have encountered in life and the importance our own determination plays in our endurance as a survivor, I began my memoir briefly describing when and how my love story began in the mid-1960s.  I believed that I needed to set the scene in order for the reader to identify with the eternal love that produced my grief.

If after reading my story you have found encouragement, please continue to read my blogs.  They are intended to provide hope for those who share the sorrow that death bestows upon the living.

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