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Valerie Dziengiel AuthorMy Story:

Being a survivor of the 60’s generation, though admittedly not an active participant of the whirlwind cultural revolution that took place during this time, my story delves into the simplicity of social relationships of my youth.  During that time, according to my belief, love and marriage represented the key goal to achieving lifelong happiness.

Like my husband and most of our friends, I was brought up in a middle class family.  It was my husband’s ambition to become a self-made man that led us down the path of entrepreneurship to become builders and developers in our local community for over 40-years, until my husband’s illness necessitated the closure of our business.

Although I felt as though my life ended in the autumn of 2015, when my husband died, through inspiration I found the answer to the age-old questions, “Why was I the one who survived?”

Unexpected spiritual intervention caused me to embark upon a new path at this extremely difficult time in my life.  Soon, I discovered that my secret for survival would become dependent upon my ability to look beyond the pain my grief created.  I needed to take fresh new steps to heal my broken heart and start over.

Along the way, I experienced supernatural events that convinced me my husband’s spirit, his essence, lived on.  This part of my story is not intended to scare the reader by delving into disturbing ghost stories and spiritual activities that go bump in the night.  Instead, I describe unexpected mystifying spiritual encounters and detailed events that occurred, which confirmed my belief in life after death.

So the course of action I took to help me accomplish my goal was to undertake the difficult task of becoming a writer.

My Book:

As a first-time writer, my book Alone in the Darkness, In Search of Hope is a captivating personal account of the journey my husband and I shared throughout our lives together.  My memoir reminisces a brief journey of the young love we shared, examines the pain that  partners share through the battles of terminal illness, and investigates a possible connection love creates between the living and a spiritual realm of the dead.

Unanticipated Spiritual Contact:

In compliance with my husband’s wishes, he died at home.  His soul left his body during the quiet hours of the night.  Shortly thereafter, during the early hours of the waking dawn, I felt an unmistakable feeling of love filter through me, as though I was enveloped in a moment of peaceful bliss.

The paranormal activities that followed my husband’s death exhibited what appeared to me, to  be his spirit’s frantic attempt to let me know he had survived death and his essence lived on.  Being overcome with grief and sensitive to this type of activity, I was receptive to his message, but never expected to experience the paranormal activities that followed.

Certainly, there will be those who do not believe in the existence of a spirit realm and will criticize my candor.  Yet, I am willing to openly discuss my mystical interactions in order to collaborate the paranormal events I have heard other survivors describe after the death of their loved ones.

My Goal:

It is my conviction that God inspired me to write my story to help me and survivors heal from the devastating effect grief bestows upon the living.

Although three years have passed since my husband’s death, I still find comfort in keeping his memory alive by including him in my conversations.  Although I do realize reminiscing my stories may be boring to some, memories are all I have left to help me continue to deal with his loss.

If you are still among those who are grief stricken and mourn the death of a loved one, no matter how long a period of time has passed, I recommend you silently contemplate the thought, “Until you walk in my shoes, you will never understand the effects grief bestows upon its recipient.”

I am here to say, I understand.


You are welcome to post any suggestions you find helpful in your own journey through grief.  My comments area is set up to provide a sounding board for those who are experiencing grief of any kind.

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