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The universe if full of mystical wonders.  To the believer, it affords the opportunity to reach beyond simple every day activities, occasionally allowing a glimpse of what exists on the other side.

Alone in the Darkness  In Search of Hope is such a journey.  The author experienced the unthinkable, the death of her husband at a time in their lives when retirement had just opened the door for them to reap the benefits of their hard-working lives together.

Sorrow and isolation replaced the blissful anticipation of their twilight years together, as the author struggled to survive through life alone, while trying desperately to heal her anguish.

Her deep emotional turmoil brought about a life changing event, which aided the author’s slow recovery from grief to acceptance of the continuation of life and completion of her own journey.

For three nights in a row, she was contacted by a voice from beyond, which awoke her from her restless sleep and directed her to write a book by repeating four simple words: Alone in the darkness.

By following her inspired interpretation of the communication, the author experienced episodes of spiritual writings.  She believes they help explain the reason for our life’s journey, if only we are open to its message.

This fascinating story, which delves into the emotional connections we create during our lifetime and how we handle our loss, is the result of the author’s attempt to help others deal with one of life’s greatest challenges . . . the death of a loved one.  Her strong spiritual belief in an All Mighty and Merciful God, and the peace prayer and meditation brought her resulted in events which allowed her to receive contact from a spirit world she believes exists.

The author insists, “There is life after death.  I have seen and felt its presence.”

Our Wedding Day in 1972
My husband and I in Washington, DC


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