IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards (2020)

Category #52:  “Best New Voice: Nonfiction”

Judge’s remarks regarding:

Alone in the Darkness, In Search of Hope 


“An appealing and engaging voice that draws a reader in to hear more and more of these unique life experiences. Well written, conversational, warm, and sensitive. There’s a powerful flow to the writing that carries a reader along and moves one to keep turning pages. The voice is open, honest, and conveys how emotional selected episodes were, yet it maintain a steadiness and avoids histrionics. Instead of telling us, the author shows us, and that enhances reader engagement in the process. This book should have significant appeal to a range of audiences. It is personal, deals with love and loss that so many readers experience, and goes beyond simple grieving and reflection with communication from the other side that is fascinating. <…>  The hope here is that this author will share more of her appealing voice in other works.”


Author’s Note:  Although I didn’t win an award, I am proud of the fact that I received a 9/10 rating on all 7 categories used to judge the competition.

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