Posting Rules

Posting rules

The spirit of posting reader comments should guide your viewpoint towards online etiquette, posting, and people protocols. You are encouraged to share views, express opinions, agree and disagree with others, discuss and debate.

You are expected to do so in a civilized manner with respect the rights of others whose  views and beliefs may not agree with yours. retains the right to delete or edit any comments deemed detrimental to discussion or which violate site protocol.

Posting protocol

Your post will be deleted if it is

  • rude, insulting, a personal attack, abusive, derogatory or defamatory, sexual in nature

Your post will be deleted for containing

  • hate speech; racist, sexist, homophobic slurs; if it is discriminatory
  • incitement; advocates violence, public disorder or criminal behavior
  • profanity (as well as attempts to bypass profanity filters by substituting letters with symbols for instance), crude language
  • any web links
  • pornographic text or web links
  • spam, self-promotion, advertisements
  • messages pertaining to hacking, cracking, warez or other illegal activities
  • copyright material posted without permission
  • complaints about your posts being deleted
  • any privacy violation whatsoever may delete comments if they are:

  • written in any language other than English
  • repetitive, duplicates
  • incoherent, inconsistent with what is considered normal writing
  • irrelevant to the story, post, video, image
  • meaningless, contain stand-alone links
  • written by individuals with inappropriate usernames
  • written by individuals impersonating someone else
  • quoting a message violating any of the above mentioned rules

Opinions and information contained in the comments belong to the authors of the comments. While strives to keep all objectionable messages off the site, it will not be held responsible for the content of comments posted by users. If you come across a comment that you think should be brought to the attention of, please use the comment form to share your concerns.

These rules are subject to change without prior notice. Serial offenders will be banned from posting the comments. By posting your messages on this site you give permission to publish/reproduce them on the website or in other media platforms.


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