The Spiritual Side of Death


Spiritualism ~

According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, spiritualism is a belief that the dead survive as a spirit that can communicate with the living.  Even though I have always had a religious belief in a spiritual afterlife for our soul, I was skeptical when it came to the idea that our spirit has the ability to interact with the living in ways that are recognizable as spiritual contact from the other side.

Although I have always been intrigued by the paranormal, in the past I have wondered whether contact with a spirit was possible.  After all, I do believe that one of the elements that adds to our ability to heal from our loss is a faith, I behold, that our spirit lives peacefully in a heavenly realm where, hopefully, all of our souls will dwell within . . .  someday.

After writing my book, I have made the conscious choice to admit that I have joined the ranks of those who believe in spiritualism.  Even though I was on the fence in the beginning, I have come to accept the probability that a spirit can make contact with mankind; and that some spirits, in fact, give their best effort to provide evidence of their new form of existence, even when the survivor has no clue the spirit is desperately trying to do so.  Since some people believe it is absurd to think that a spirit would stick around, especially when faced with a choice between dwelling in heaven or on earth, it is easy to see why these subtle signs can be ignored as commonplace everyday activities.

My experiences have led me to believe that during the survivor’s extended periods of hopelessness, some spirits may choose to share time between their spiritual realm and ours.  It is not as though I saw evidence of my husband’s presence 24/7; but I am certain that his spirit helped me during my devastating despair, especially during my extremely-difficult, first year of grief.  Sometimes, due to the intensity of the paranormal activities I experienced, I wondered if my husband’s soul was just as heartbroken as mine; or, did he actually stay to allow me to slowly acclimate to my loss.

Even though countless spiritual interactions have been blatantly obvious to me, as well as to other members of my family; to my chagrin, I have never been able to create any type of mental conversation with my husband’s spirit . . . except for messages I needed to interpret, that I believe he sent me in my dreams.   In my opinion, dream interpretation is similar to the method by which a medium connects with the spirit world, whereby the medium uses their brain to merge minds and thoughts with the spirits present.  The medium then translates the impressions they receive . . . into verbal messages.  So, too, my dreams represent a story, open to interpretation, that I must decipher to the best of my ability.

Obviously, neither methods are an exact science; but the end result can provide some reprieve of the grief the survivor must endure.

How Do We Know The Signs ~

Some people (I happen to be one of them) enjoy the idea that when they see butterflies and dragonflies, or find pennies and dimes, they are reminded that their loved one is nearby.   I consider this to be a symbolic experience that everyone can benefit from; especially, since it is so important to seek the beaming rays of sunshine after weathering the storm of our loss.

To be honest, I never expected to receive supernatural contact from my husband.  As a matter of fact, on the morning of his death, I distinctly remember thinking that his journey, along with mine, had been temporarily interrupted until such time that I would rejoin him in eternal life.  This encouraging thought was my crutch, a sliver of hope that I could hold onto, in order to survive the foreboding reality I faced at the thought of confronting the rest of my life alone.

Despite the fact that I had sensed a charismatic loving energy in the air that morning, the despondency I felt overshadowed the spiritual intervention I perceived.   While I find it hard to explain how my mind interpreted an energy field that I could sense, but could not see; the warmhearted, tender feeling I first encountered, on the shadowy early-dawn morning of his death, was my first introduction to a vast array of subtle indications that my husband’s spirit lived on.

Had this first impression been my one and only example to substantiate my spiritualistic belief, you wouldn’t be reading my blog today.   Of course, what I have to say may be a leap of faith for some; but I am sure that many people are shaking their heads in agreement because they, too, have felt a similar experience to mine.

Of course, this precedent alone is not the basis upon which I rest my case because the first shared, visual experience of a paranormal nature occurred while my family members and my priest were joined in prayer.  It involved flickering of the overhead recessed lights in my bedroom.  This phenomena quickly expanded to my kitchen, eventually reaching my relatives’ houses as well.   The activity quickly elevated to the degree of burning out light bulbs throughout my house and garage, at an unprecedented level.

So What Came Next?

On the day of the funeral showing, while gathered in the kitchen, my daughter had difficulty with her iPhone.  While trying to look up some information online, she noticed that her browser cursor was searching the internet of its own accord.  She smiled, while her cursor was typing in information without her finger touching the screen, believing that the activity was her father’s way of reaching out to say hello.

After the light bulb incident inception, abnormal activities began to develop in my computer as well.  On numerous occasions thereafter, I had no control over an invisible force that would take control of my email site, relentlessly scrolling through my messages.  On two separate occasions, the scrolling had stop on an email dated the same date that my husband had died.

I understand how many of these incidents might be written off as a fluke, when considered as individual instances alone; but as a whole, I believe there were too many repetitive events to allocate them all to chance.


Dreams ~

Dreams are also an endearing form of communication that many believe are a form of contact from our loved ones who have passed.

Personally, I experience both dreams and visions which share a similarity in their vibrancy of color, and richness in detail, of the delicate objects that I see.  Admittedly, the allure I embrace when considering the beauty of nature I might enjoy while viewing the various shades and delicacy of the flowers in my garden . . .  cannot compare to the magnificent, exquisite beauty I comprehend in my mind’s eye.  The enchanting pigments of the rainbow, glorious in their vibrant hues, detailed in both in my dream and vision states, profoundly exemplify how fascinating these experiences can be . . . because of the elaborate perception to detail I experience during these diverse stages of consciousness.

In contradiction to my conviction, I have heard it said that it is hard to believe that I can experience visions, but that I am probably interpreting dreams sequences instead.  Let me respectfully state that my visions take place in my room at night, in a completely different format than my dreams.  From my experience, my visions embody the appearance of a single object or entity in my room, which may sometimes be emitting surrounding rays of streaming light; yet, the vision always includes the backdrop of my bedroom walls, furniture, TV, or even the pillows on my bed.  On the other hand, my dreams consists of a short version of a movie script, always in various unknown locations.   My dreams will often portray an awareness of my husband’s presence during the many occasions when I do not actually see his face.


Aromas ~

One of my favorite forms of communication are aromas.

Occasionally, I experience whiffs of delicate perfumed fragrances, mostly of roses, that provide healing thoughts of those for whom I pray; as well as detecting the distinct scents of cigars that my husband occasionally smoked, that instantly invokes his presence in my mind.


Orbs ~

Orbs are interesting manifestations of light, that some people in paranormal circles believe to be spiritual in nature.  Most often, they are only seen in pictures, similar to the orange circles depicted in the photo above.  I have witnessed many colored orbs, of different shapes and sizes.  Once, I even captured an orb I saw in my backyard, which is copied below.  Although I only observed one of the orbs that is visible in the pictures below, the photos show the presence of three.  The second photo is an enhancement of the original picture, which provides a clearer view of the anomaly.

(Enhanced edited copy to show areas of light – the original photo is above)


A  Formidable Supernatural Vision I Experienced ~

This is an exemplary example of a depiction of an apparition I had witnessed when I awoke from my sleep, three months after my husband had died.  Quoting from my book, I will relate the experience:  “The unearthly apparition stood a little over 6 ft. tall, my husband’s approximate height.  It appeared to have the outline of a head, set on the shoulders of a body, with arms draping straight down alongside its indiscernible form.  No neck was visible, nor were the arms distinguishable from the chest, although the rounded appearance of a person’s upper shoulders was evident.  Despite the fact the supernatural figure looked humanlike, it had no obvious facial features or defining characteristics that I could describe.  This time, instead of the smoky consistency which usually enveloped my room, the spirit’s form was dark in color and solid looking, while the atmosphere around its presence was clear.”

As unbelievable as it may sound, I was not afraid . . .  for at the time, I believed that I was observing my husband’s spirit, shrouded, in a standing position, as though he watched me as I slept.

This event was the longest paranormal experience I have ever encountered.  As inconceivable as this may sound, I recall the phenomenon as being a loving engagement between his spirit and mine.


My Conclusion ~

It is not my intention to move the needle in one direction or the other when it comes to understanding the mystery of what happens to our spirit when we die.

Although I do believe that many of the “signs” I characterize may represent a plausible form of communication from the spiritual realm that many bereaved family members desperately seek, I accept the fact that my psychic experiences may be unacceptable to those who need more proof than the limited controversial events I have described.

Yet, on the other hand, there are those who have experienced dreams and apparitions similar to mine, who are convinced that they were touched by an interaction of the spiritual kind.

Since this controversy is as old as history itself, I only seek to offer a confirmation to those who wonder if their experiences are real.  Take comfort, if you want, in the fact that you are not alone.







































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