The Psychology Behind Spirituality



While I endured  the agony of the thought that my husband would die within the year, and our earthly relationship was about to end forever, never, in my wildest dreams, did I expect contact from his spirit after his death.  In my mind, there had to be a psychology behind the spirituality I experienced.

Now that I have made this statement, I am sure there are a number of readers who are shaking their head in disbelief.  To be honest, I don’t blame you; especially, if you have never had any paranormal experiences of your own.  Although I will be the first to admit that I can’t explain why some people experience alternating forms of supernatural encounters, and others do not, let me take this opportunity to state that upon my husband’s death I expected our loving relationship to terminate immediately . . . and that would be the end of our personal interaction  until we met in an afterlife that I believe exists.

According to my religious philosophies, I do believe in a spiritual realm that our spirit enters upon the death of the human body.   I just never imagined that the spirit (or our essence that I often refer to as energy . . . based upon my experiences) could make contact with the living after this transition takes place. 

Since it has always been my conviction that once we die our spiritual energy or essence locates and reconnects with the established lifeforce of our relatives and friends who have passed on before us, I imagined that my husband’s spiritual essence would no longer be able to interact with me on earth.  That is to say, I though that once his soul moved into this spiritual realm communications between us would end.  But, I was mistaken.

Apparently, I underestimated the abilities my husband’s spirit was capable of accomplishing.  I do not make this statement in jest!  As a matter of fact, I was, and continue to be, astonished at the intense supernatural events I experienced within hours of his death, and the paranormal activities continued to expand, in leaps and bounds, as my grief intensified. 

There reached a point when I actually experienced physical contact, a phenomena that felt as though someone had touched me.  Other events, which included up and down movements to my mattress, occurred without any logical explanation.  When a manifestation of what I believed to be my husband’s spirit appeared before me during the night, and responded to my verbal interaction, I was certain my husband had found a way to let me know he had survived the journey to the other side.   

Although what I experienced was mind boggling at the time, I accepted each escalating incident as a positive event that helped me deal with the dissolution of the human bond we had shared prior to my husband’s death.  Had I not believed that each interaction was, in fact, my husband’s attempt to help me transition my life through this disheartening event, my reactions might have been quite different.  Amazingly, due to my perception of the situation, i.e. the fact that I truly believed it was my husband’s essence that was with me during each episode, I was not terrified during these events, as one might have been if they found themselves in a situation of a ghostly haunting where a spirit’s intent might be a cause of concern.



Having just recently read a book published in 1997 by Robert H. Coddington, entitled:  Earthbound, Conversations with Ghosts, I discovered that the author, an engineer who approaches the subject of the afterlife in a scientific manner, and his wife Marianne who is a medium, had written a story chronicling conversations he personally witnessed (while his wife went into a trance) which allowed the soul of numerous earthbound spirit to speak through her. 

Now, after making this statement, there may be many of your who think this is crazy.  Hold on for a second.  Let’s take a minute or so to digest this information.  I, for one, have not spoken to a spirit of the dead, but I have experienced more than one episode of paranormal activities that have lead me to believe that I have been contacted by the spirit of my husband from the afterlife.  I will admit that I do believe in ghosts, but my interpretation of a ghost is not the ghoulish, scary entity that movies are made of.  To me, the supernatural essence that exists after our death is the spirit God created, which I believe lives on for eternity.

If you accept the fact that life exists after death, then you must believe that our spirit goes somewhere after we die.  The big question is, does the spirit have the ability to reach from their realm into ours?  My vote would be an overwhelming “Yes.”

Because my spiritual experiences were the hardest part of my story to disclose, I realized that Robert Coddington’s book promoted an interesting concept that explained the author’s interpretation of why some souls/spirits remain in the earthly realm instead of passing into the spiritual realm, or “the light” as most people refer to it.

The author proposes that a sudden, dramatic death can cause the spirit to get confused.  Therefore, instead of moving on, the spirit gets caught up in the violent act that resulted in that person’s death, and this action causes the spirit to not understand that death has occurred, thereby preventing the spirit from accepting death which enables it to move on.  The author also proposes that some souls just prefer to remain on our earthly plane due to personal attachments, and since we are created with free choice, this choice is an option.  A third and interesting concept is that a spirit can visit back and forth from the elevated spiritual realm to which it has advanced, in order to look in upon their loved ones from time to time; or, to help the living deal with their grief or life’s emotional complexities, which I believe is the category I fall within.

Since none of us know for sure, I am of the notion that the author’s hypothesis makes sense.  It is a viable theory that helps explain the bumps in the night, the unexplained paranormal activities associated with ghosts that may just be a spirit’s way of getting our attention . . . to let us know that they exist.

The author explains that through their paranormal research, they seemed to have been able to make contact with some of the tortured souls who have passed, but remained stuck on earth.   Coddington indicates that he and his wife believed they were successful in releasing some of these souls, by eventually convincing them that they had died, thereby enabling their spirit to pass into the light.  Whether you believe their scenario or not, their story is an interesting read and offers food for thought when it comes to this interesting concept of life after death.



As far as I am concerned, I have found contentment in my belief that my husband’s essence did live on, and although the paranormal activities have subsided considerably, I still experience moments of unexplained psychic events which I always find fascinating.

No matter what you profess to believe . . . remember,  one day you will be making this journey and it doesn’t hurt to have an open mind.

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